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Have you ever thought about what is in the air you breathe? How important is it to your health and the health of our planet? Here at Ancient Dust Busters that’s all we think about!

We’re a group of scientists and archaeologists who are researching the environment, and what we breathe in, to help us understand the importance of air quality, environmental health and oral hygiene. We are doing this using Experimental Archaeology and by looking at skeletons and mummies of people in the past, including their teeth.  

Yes, that’s right, teeth

For examples, did you know that, using science, we can study something called dental calculus? Dental calculus is the plaque left on your teeth which hardens if you don’t brush it off. In the past, people weren’t as good at looking after their teeth as they are today and so, we find a lot of dental calculus on skeletons hundreds, thousands – and even millions! – of years old. 

Things such as dust from pottery and woodworking, smoke, as well as lots of other things in the air, can enter your mouth and become trapped in dental plaque or calculus when accidentally ingested or inhaled. The dust from such activities can be bad for your health if there is too much of it in the air you breathe.

Can you think of anything which may be found trapped in your teeth? How might that be different to people in the past? What might that tell us about our health and our planet today? How might dust that enters in the mouth and lungs be different for people in different jobs?

Now, with the climate and environmental crisis happening, it’s very important for us to think about these questions and how we can make our beautiful planet, and the air we breathe, healthier.

You can explore our website and resources to help you learn more about health inequality, the environment and science through archaeology and natural history. 

We are just getting started! Visit us often for updates!

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A short review of a great non-fiction book about what you can learn from ancient skeletons. Published few years ago, still remains an excellent start for a child interest in this subject.